1. Sandblasting
    We have a sandblasting bay equipped to handle small to midsize pieces. Prepping and cleaning your parts for your painting or coating desires.
  2. Painting
    We are a fully equipped shop able to paint small vehicle parts, bike parts and accessories in any custom unique colors including but not limit to candy, chameleon, and thermochromic colors.
  3. Hydrographics
    We can hydro dip anything from light switch covers & ceiling fan blades to gun stocks, motorcycle/ ATV, and many automotive parts. If it can go in water we can dip it. We carry over 20 patterns in stock with over 260 plus patterns to choose from.
  4. Powder Coating
    We have a powder coating system large enough to handle anything from brake calipers to rims all the way to a motorcycle frame. We have numerous colors to choose from.